How to download it, How much does it cost?

Go to the Downloads page to get the latest version of our software. We offer a free trial of our software. For the full featured software, you must purchase a license key to activate more functionalty. The license key is sold on a monthly subscription based program. Proceed to the Downloads page to purchase the full version.

What are the system requirements?

Computer-Run works on most Windows OS platforms, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2000, 98, and 95.

Problems? Please install our latest version

If Computer-Run does not run on your system or you encounter problems, please install the latest version of our software. If you are already running this version and are having problems, contact Customer Support.

What does Computer-Run clean?

Computer-Run can help you clean several parts of your computer that can help improve performance. We clean the Windows registry, temporary files, your internet cache, and other unneeded files. Computer-Run can also optimize Windows settings, check for Windows updates, defragment your hard drive, create a registry backup, and allow you to manage your startup items. By cleaning and adjusting these different areas, we can help you improve your overall system performance.

Will it make my computer faster?

Every windows machine has it's unique set of problems. Computer-Run will help you clean out unneeded files, clean registry items, and allow you to make other changes that can help improve overall performance. Just give it a try and see what Computer-Run can do for your computer!

How do I uninstall Computer-Run?

On Windows 7 or Vista: Click Start » Control Panel » Programs » Uninstall a program » Computer-Run
On Windows XP: Click Start » Control Panel » Add/Remove Programs » Computer-Run
On Older Systems: Click Start » Settings » Control Panel » Add/Remove Programs » Computer-Run